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Product #33-2349

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You may want to consider using 33-2346.

This first of its kind pump dispenser allows you to quickly and evenly apply our various dusts; the pumps will even work with Techno Glitter! Hold the pump close for concentrated coverage and farther away for a light dusting.

3-3/8" x 15/16" x 15/16"

Also available in a larger pump.

Sold in increments of 6; priced individually.

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Product Questions & Answers

What types of dusts and glitters work best in these pumps?

Answer: Many dusts work very well in the pump.

<li>Perfect Palate flavoring,</li>
<li>Blossom,&nbsp;Royal, Empress Pearl, Star, Imperial, and Designer Dusts.</li>
<li>Edible Petal and Luster Dusts.</li>

The Disco Glitter works, but it works better in the large dust pump, 33-2346.