Environmental Policy
June 15, 2021

CK Products LLC is a distributor and manufacturer of products in the cake decorating, candy making, kitchen tools, and wedding accessories industries. CK Products gives priority to produce high quality products and aware of being responsible to environment in our business operation for sustainable development.
To minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and services, CK Products LLC will:

  • Strictly follow environment related rules, regulations and laws to control environmental effects
  • Place a great importance on preserving the environment, including the natural ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Protect and prevent any incidents from business operation which might cause environmental effects
  • Review environment related procedures every year to continuously enhance environment management
  • Strive to reduce electricity & water usage and consume efficiently
  • Minimizing waste through recycling and proper waste disposal
  • Training and encouraging employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner
  • To communicate this Environmental Policy to all employees working for CK Products LLC, as well as disclosing it externally on our company website

Scott Osburn, Executive Vice President General Manger