Friday, March 13, 2020
CK Products LLC is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and the evolving global situation. We continue to assess risks to the health of our employees, the safety of the customers and consumers, and the stability of our supply chain. We are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our local state and county health departments' guldelines and staying informed of updated recommendations/mandates. CK products LLC utilizes sound manufacturing practices which include requirements for personal hygiene, hand washing, deaning and sanitizing of tools and equipment, and illness control. Employees are monitored for signs of illness and appropriate actions are taken if those signs arc observed.

  1. CK Products LLC has restricted associate business travel requirements to include the following guidelines which are In effect until further notice: 
  • lnl'ernatlonal travel restricted/halted 
  • Domestic travel is for business-critical needs and must be approved by the Senior Leadership Team
CK Products LLC is eliminating customer pickup of product at our facility at this time. We are also limiting visitors to our facility for critical business needs only on a pre-approval basis. Temporarily, no visitors will be approved if their origin of travel Is from outside of North America. All pre-approved visitors will be screened upon arrival to CK Products for the following: 
  • Last 30 days of travel history 
  • Current health regarding symptoms
  • Known exposure or proximity to coronavirus Infected individuals
Our supply chain team Is continuing to monitor and anticipate customer demand to minimize extreme supply swings and disruption. Should CK Products anticipate any disruptions in its ability to supply our customers, ii will be communicated promptly to those potentially impacted. CK Products ls committed to providing the high quality products and services offered by the confectioner industry and will continue to provide the highest level of quality and service that you have to come to know and expect.

QA Department
Kathryn Geidman