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Product #90-161261

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Sandwich Cookie Chocolate Mold

  • Design: Mustache
  • Width: 2"
  • Depth: 3/4"
  • FDA-approved & BPA-free plastic
  • Made in the USA

The traditional way is to decorate the mold freezing between each color change.

After it is decorated, pipe in a layer of chocolate, insert the cookie and finish piping in the remainder of chocolate. Freeze to set the chocolate, remove and enjoy.


Decorate the molds with CK Candy Writers , freeze set it. Place chocolate discs in a disposable piping bag, microwaved 30 seconds, knead, 15 seconds, knead… until melted, snip the end of the bag and pipe 3/8 – ¼” into the mold freeze set.

Make krispie treats, cut with 2" cutter. Take molds from freezer, pipe a small amount of chocolate and attach treat. Freeze set and remove.


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