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Product #88-04722

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Talking Candy Bar-- Happy Holidays Snowflakes

  • Package of 12
  • Direct Pour, holds approximately 2 oz
  • 3⅝ x 2 x ⅜"
  • Chocolate not included
  • FDA approved plastic
  • Business card slots

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Product Questions & Answers

On the talking candy bar - Happy Holidays Snowflakes. Is it just a mold? Or is there some packaging I can also order? It says "slit for business cards" but it also says FDA approved plastic. Looks like there should be two different numbers to order.

Answer: It is a little confusing. Hopefully, I can make it clearer. The mold is the box. You pour the chocolate into the rectangular opening, chill it, fold in the side to create the box and it is ready to give away. If you want, you can add a card to the back.