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Product #8H-6221

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  • Each piece is 1⅜" Diameter x ½" Depth
  • 8 cavities per mold.
  • Suitable for hard candy and cookie making
  • Oven safe to 375º
  • Wash in hot water. Avoid using soap on any mold, it will reduce the shine appearance of the finished product. Molds may be used many times
  • This mold can be used with our sucker sticks
  • First quality plastic mold, FDA approved
  • Use our CK Hard Candy Mix for easy hard candy


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Product Questions & Answers

How do you join the 2 parts of the sucker mold 8h-6221?

Answer: The way I do it is by making the side without the stick. (Remembering to lightly oil the mold) Once completely hard, remove from the mold. Fill the other side, insert the stick. Wait until the candy is partially set, then place the first half on the sucker.