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Product #70-860

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Merckens black is a delicious, smooth and creamy vanilla flavored confectionary candy coating with no waxy taste.

  • Confectionery candy coatings combine sugar, milk and vegetable oil. It is easy to melt and requires no tempering. If a thinner coating is desired, paramount crystals (76-3204) may be added. If adding flavors or colors, use a concentrated flavor or oil-based flavor.
  • Heat Warning: Chocolate may melt in shipping if ordering during warmer temperatures. Check out our new Styrofoam coolers (88-77180) to keep items from melting. If it melts during shipping, it can be remelted.
  • Do not over heat, keep moisture out of candy.
  • Net Weight: 25 pounds 
  • Certified Kosher

Private Label Options

We can private label packaged chocolate. Your logo and information will be included on the label. Let CK Products help you save time and money with our private label packaging!

Merckens Handling Instructions

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Product Questions & Answers

Will lthe Merckens chocolate coating work like a "pate a glacer"? I'm looking for a product that I can use as a glaze for Eclairs and Cakes that will not dry hard and remain soft. Thank you in advance

Answer: You may make a ganache with the chocolate, but it may be too hard and not shiny enough.

Mixing dry fondant with cocoa and water makes a very nice chocolate glaze that seems to hold up on moist products.