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Candy Melter Palette
Product #83-150

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The Candy Melter Palette is a low temperature portable palette designed to melt chocolate and confectionary coating wafers.  This palette is the perfect tool for painting candy molds.  Includes 10 individual aluminum cups and lids, which gives the ability to melt different colors all at once.   

  • Includes 10 aluminum cups and lids.
  • Each cup is 1" tall and holds approximately 5 wafers.

Melts coatings in 30 minutes and maintains even temperature without overheating, until electric palette is turned off. 

Aluminum cups slide out for easy cleaning. 

  • This palette eliminates water contamination that can be caused by using a double-boiler.   
  • This electric palette prevents the possibility of overheating by maintaining an even temperature. 

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Product Questions & Answers

Is it 110V or 240V?

Answer: 110v