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Product #88-77180

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  • Styrofoam coolers do a great job of keeping things cool but will not chill items that have been at room temperature.
  • Compound /confectionery coating is stored in a temperature controlled area between the temperatures of 50°-75°F in which it typically keeps the product around 65°F. The compound / confectionery coating should be shipped so that the product can maintain it’s temperature to keep the product from melting.
  • Each Styrofoam cooler contains 8 ice packs and will hold 18-1lb bags or 1-25lb bulk bag of compound /confectionery coating.
  • 4 ice packs on the bottom layer of the cooler, then a layer of bubble wrap before the compound /confectionery coating; this is topped with bubble wrap on top and remaining 4 ice.
  • 15" cube, 12.25" inside. It is placed inside a cardboard box.

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Product Questions & Answers

What are the inside measurements of this? Does it come in its own cardboard box?

Answer: 12.25" inside. It is placed inside a cardboard box.