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Product #49-9052

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Dog Bone Pan

14.25 X 7.15"

These lightweight, durable plastic pans can be used exactly like aluminum pans in a conventional oven as well as a microwave. Do not place directly on oven rack, place on shiny cookie sheet for baking. Each pan is designed to hold approximately one bag of cake mix. Bake at 375° F. Complete directions included.

Dog Bone Pantastic® Pan
CK Rolled Fondant - white (77-872001)
CK Buttercream Icing - white (77-803)
CK Squeeze Gel Brown Food Color (41-69109)
Confectionery Coating – black (72-6180)
CK Piping Gel (76-2011)
½″ Letter/Numbers Chocolate Mold (90-14241)
CK Decorating Bag (31-55)
CK Decorating Tip - #22 star (2P-22)
CK Cake Board 

Follow cake mix or recipe instructions. Grease & flour pan, fill two-thirds full. 

Standard Oven - 
Place pan on a shiny cookie sheet and bake according to mix instructions.
Microwave - 
Microwave for about 6 minutes, rotating every 2 minutes (microwave times may vary).
Cool cake 5 minutes in pan. Release from pan and cool on a rack or towel. Cool cake completely, position on cake board.  Wash pan in warm sudsy water using soft brush.
Decorating for Dog Bone Cake (49-9052)
• Crumb-coat entire cake with white buttercream icing.
• Add a touch of brown food color to white fondant to get a “dirty white” shade.
• Roll fondant to size and cover cake. Smooth to details of cake. Trim.
• Use clean, dry chocolate mold to make letters. In 30 second intervals, melt 1/2 pound confectionery coating in microwavable bowl. Stir after each interval. Pour melted coating in mold. Freeze until set. Remove from mold and place on cake using piping gel.

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