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Product #31-050

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Use for the fine details on cake and chocolates.
Fast and easy to use.
Reclosable nozzle.
The innovative alternative for the paper cone piping bag.

  • 50 Piping Bags
    • 8"
  • 50 Piping Nozzles and Caps

This item is also available in a 10 count box. 31-010



Set 1: 

    Cut 1/4" off of the end of the bag.

Step 2:

    Insert Green Nozzle from the top of the bag with the Blue Tip pointing down.

    Pull with your fingers the Blue Tip down till the Green Nozzle is tight and locked.

Step 3: 

    After you fill the piping bag you can take off the Blue use. 

    When you have finished decorating put the Blue Tip back on the Green Nozzle to close it again.

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Product Questions & Answers

What size are the tips are the nozzles (ie, tip xize #1, tip size #2, tip size #3, etc.)?

Answer: Approximately a #00