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Product #49-8113

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Pan measures approximately 14" x 7" x 1-3/4"

These lightweight, durable plastic pans can be used exactly like aluminum pans in a conventional oven as well as a microwave. Do not place directly on oven rack, place on shiny cookie sheet for baking. Each pan is designed to hold approximately one bag of cake mix. Bake at 375° F. Complete directions included.

Baby Bottle Pantastic® Pan
CK Buttercream Icing – white (77-803), baby blue (77-66071)
CK Rolled Fondant – ivory (77-872011), orange (77-872061)
Candy Writers blue (77-3600), pink (77-3250), yellow (77-3350), green (77-3300)
Piping Gel (76-2011)
Tip #21 (2P-21)
Chocolate Mold (90-14248)
Spatula (33-910)
Decorating bag (31-55)
Cake board (22-11725)

Follow cake mix or recipe instructions. Grease & flour pan, fill 2/3 full. 

Standard Oven
Place pan on a shiny cookie sheet and bake according to mix instructions.
Microwave for about 6 minutes, rotating every 2 minutes (microwave times may vary).

Cool cake 5 minutes in pan. Release from pan and cool on a rack or towel. Cool cake completely, 
position on cake board.  Wash pan in warm sudsy water using soft brush.

Decorating for Baby Bottle Cake (49-9213)
•    Crumb-coat cake with white buttercream icing.
•    Roll ivory fondant to size and cover bottle area only. Smooth and trim fondant.
•    Add a small amount of orange fondant to ivory fondant to obtain desired shade for bottle nipple.
•    Roll orange fondant to size and cover bottle nipple. Smooth and trim fondant.
•    Use baby blue buttercream icing and tip #21 with elongated strokes for bottle nipple ring 
•    Use clean, dry chocolate mold to make candy mold of BABY blocks using pink, blue, green, and yellow candy writers. Melt candy writer in hot water. When melted, knead tube, snip off end of tube.
•    Fill letter portion of molds with desired candy writer color. Place in freezer for a few minutes.
•    After candy letters are set, fill mold with desired candy writer color. Place in freezer until set.
•    Remove candy pieces from molds. Position on cake using a small amount of piping gel to glue in place. Lay in place on cake

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